John Deere 6R Series Tractor Mat

Made to Order

Faux Leather floor mat set.

Faux Leather floor mat for the John Deere 6R tractor series.  

Each set of mats is made indvidually, by hand, in the UK.

Choose your main colour, edging colour, stitch colour and design along with your embroidery design, to make the perfect bespoke set of floor mats for your John Deere 6R series.

  1. First Choose The Colour of Your Faux Leather Mat Material from the swatches
  2. Then Choose Your Trim Colour from the swatches
  3. Any of our products can include Embroidery.

If you require Embroidery and have an image you want to send to us, please use our CONTACT FORM

All mats are bespoke and priced individually. Please call for price and to order.

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